Santiago Lena

Santiago Lena was born in Puerto Madryn in 1979, in the year 2000 in a self-taught way, he began to make his first productions of utilitarian objects around a potter and at the same time began a long journey of experimentation and research on stoneware, high-temperature ceramics.

In 2006 he moved to Córdoba, where he began, in parallel with the elaboration of tableware, his production applied to artistic language.

During the last years he taught courses, seminars, workshops and talks in different areas of the country. He exhibited in numerous group and individual exhibitions in Córdoba, Buenos Aires and Barcelona. He participated in salons, symposiums, meetings and art fairs. He completed his residency in ceramic art Künstlehaus Neumünster, Germany. He was awarded the 3rd prize in the sculpture room Patio Olmos 2017.

At the beginning of 2019, he participated in the “Design in Action” exhibition at the PROA Foundation museum and in the “The Original Brand” exhibition at the Kirchner Cultural Center, both in the City of Buenos Aires. He makes the dishes for numerous restaurants in Argentina, such as El Papagayo (CBA), República (CBA), Tegui (CABA), El Baqueano (CABA), Sacro (CABA), Aramburu (CABA), Narda Comedor (CABA), among others .

Since 2016 he works in collaboration with Cristian Mohaded making the RAZA collection and participating in different fairs and design shows.

Actualmente forma parte del staff de artistas de El Gran Vidrio, galería de arte contemporáneo de la ciudad de Córdoba, Argentina.


The beginning

In the year 2000 he began his journey in a self-taught way in the research and production of stoneware ceramics, and chose pottery as a form of sustenance.



He exhibits in the exhibition “Brizna” at the Blas Pascal University. He exhibits in the contemporary ceramic exhibition "Great worlds in small format" Pto. Madryn.



Expone junto a Pilar Cotter, con la muestra «Trayectos del olvido» en la galería Siesta. Barcelona, España.

Es seleccionado para la residencia de arte en cerámica, Stadttoferei, en Neumünster, Alemania. Concurre en junio.



At the end of 2017, he made his first individual exhibition “Humedo” at the El Gran Vidrio gallery. Cordoba capital. 

About the


The pieces in their entirety are made in gres* (1230 ° C). The result of aesthetics and quality is achieved through a constant experimentation process both in the formal search and in the creation and research of pastes and enamels.

The main tool used to make the pieces is enamels. potter's wheel, most of the sculptural objects are modeled by hand or made with both techniques.

* Stoneware is a type of high temperature ceramic, it is baked between 1200 ° C and 1300 ° C. The characteristics that stand out are the hardness and the low degree of absorption. Pastes and enamels made from mineral and oxide bases, such as clay, quartz, feldspar, titanium oxide, copper, etc. they are designed according to the temperature with which you want to work.