Santiago Lena


Santiago Lena was born in Puerto Madryn


He begins his journey in a self-taught way in the research and production of stoneware ceramics, and chooses pottery as a form of sustenance.


He installs his atelier in Córdoba Capital.


Begins to teach workshops and courses in stoneware pottery.


He exhibits in the exhibition “Brizna” at the Blas Pascal University. He exhibits in the contemporary ceramic exhibition "Great worlds in small format" Pto. Madryn.


Exhibits in the exhibition “The plot of time. Contemporary Argentine Ceramists ”at the E. Caraffa Museum. He is selected in the II Sculpture Hall and Sculptural Objects Patio Olmos. Together with Liliana Menéndez they make the exhibition “En Tránsito” at the Women's Museum (MUMU) within the “Signs” exhibition. She participated in the collective exhibition “Sympathy” at the Blas Pascal University with the collective creation work “Anidar”


He participated in the collective exhibition MUVA, in the city of Unquillo, Province of Córdoba with the work Manifesto Incorpóreo. He exhibited at the Dawa gallery in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. He participated in the 11th International Ceramic Symposium of the Municipal Institute of Avellaneda. He attends the art clinic dictated by the Dr. in Arts, Marcelo Nusenovich. Participate in the meeting of potters "Barro Calchaquí" San Carlos, Salta. He participated in the exhibition of drawings "Modulado" in Villa Allende, Córdoba. He taught the workshop "Modules and gestures" at the Xul Solar Junín Provincial School of Visual Arts, Buenos Aires within the framework of the 2014 Fire Days. He participates in the meeting of Sculptors of the impenetrable in Chaco. He is selected in the III Hall of Sculpture and Sculptural Objects Patio Olmos.


He carried out an aerial installation of 1,500 pieces and the dishes for the "El Papagayo" restaurant in Córdoba Capital. He made the individual exhibition “Grietas” at Azur Hotel Boutique in Córdoba Capital. He exhibited with Pilar Cotter, with the exhibition "Trayectos del olvido" at the Siesta gallery. Barcelona, ​​Spain. He is selected for the ceramic art residence, Stadttoferei, in Neumünster, Germany. It takes place in June.


Selected in the National Hall, Salón Ciudad de Córdoba. 3rd prize in the Patio Olmos Room. Cordoba capital. Together with Cristian Mohaded, he exhibited the “RAZA” collection at Espacio Colón, Córdoba Capital. He exhibited in Artillery with the collective project "What the fish does not explain" Córdoba Capital. 2017 - He exhibited in the exhibition "Ceramics, the trade and their territories" Pasaje 17 CABA. He exhibited in the group exhibition of the Lorenzo collection, "Images of dystopia" curated by Carina Cagnolo in Espacio Colón, Córdoba Capital. He makes “Mudanza” a solo show in his workshop curated by Adriana Carrizo, with the support of the gallery El gran Vidrio.


He made his first solo show "Humedo" at the El Gran Vidrio gallery. Cordoba capital.


He was part of the exhibition "A cup is a sculpture" at Galería Tokonoma, CABA He participated in the project "Entrevero", by Cristián Mohaded and Josefina Roca, where they were part of the Design Miami design fair.


He participates with two works in the exhibition "Design in action" at Fundación Proa, CABA, the exhibition lasts until the beginning of June. It is about to be part of the annual exhibition of Argentine contemporary art at the CCK, CABA, which opens on April 11 of this year.

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